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OU7 TRAINING is a platform that contains training programs of different levels. All of them have been developed by professional fitness trainers. Check with your physician before starting exercises to make sure you are medically able to participate. The Service creators are not responsible for any possible changes in health, any injury or damage caused by the exercising.
All trademarks, service marks and trade names, including OU7 Training name, training programs, workouts, video tutorials, descriptions, title, logo, design etc., are owned, registered or/and licensed by OU7 Training.
Please keep in mind we can refuse service to any person without giving any explanation.


  • - You may not use, copy, edit, translate, transmit, reproduce, sell, distribute, publish, display or create derivative works based on the content of OU7 Training.
  • - You may not perform coaching activities based on OU7 Training content.
  • - You may not act in a way that can be offensive, racist, cruel or discriminating. Explicit, sexual suggestive, pornographic comments, messages or materials are also prohibited.
  • - You may not use any data mining, scraping or similar data gathering methods, investigate, scan, test the vulnerability of the Service to modify platform software or security technology.


  • - You can have access to all the OU7 Training features (for registered users).
  • - You can ask for support any time you have questions or suggestions.
  • - You can stop using the app at any time.


Keep in mind following rules and regulations when creating a challenge:
  • - profane language is prohibited;
  • - any inappropriate content or content not related to fitness or sport is prohibited;
  • - incitement to discrimination or violence is prohibited;
  • - any discrimination based on religion, national origin, race, color of sex is prohibited;
  • - harassment, including sexual harassment is prohibited.

Users who break the rules will not be allowed to use the Service anymore.

By clicking "Create challenge" you automatically accept all the terms and conditions of challenge creation policy. Violation of these rules will result in account suspension.


Our nutrition programs are designed by a professional nutritionist for educational purposes. You are responsible for your own health, so always consult your doctor before starting any OU7 Training nutritional program.
OU7 Training cannot guarantee any results or improvements in health, weight or fitness level. Please do not use nutrition programs or other nutritional advice if you have or may have any medical conditions that may be affected by dietary changes.
OU7 Training cannot guarantee that the nutritional information provided in our app is appropriate for everyone, completely accurate or complete. OU7 Training is not responsible for any harm that may result directly or indirectly from any use of nutrition programs.


The water tracker is designed to track the water intake during the day. The calculation of the daily water intake is based on the user's personal physical data. All the data provided in the app is for informational purposes only, and also may be used for educational purposes. You are responsible for your own health, so always check with your doctor before drinking water, according to numbers calculated by the app.

OU7 Training cannot guarantee any results or improvements in health, weight or fitness.

OU7 Training cannot guarantee that the water intake information provided in our application is suitable for everyone, absolutely correct or complete.


DISCLAIMER: OU7 Training is not responsible for any possible harm that may be caused to you or your health when using the Service, including physical and mental conditions, any damage to your device resulting from accessing the Service, conditions caused by the behavior of other Service users. We can stop OU7 Training at any time without notice.
You should understand that you use the Service at your own discretion and you are fully responsible for using the Service and the effect it may cause to your physical and mental health.
Please be aware that the current Terms of use may be changed or updated at any time, so we recommend you to check them from time to time.


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